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Forest Violette is rock singer, songwriter, and musician from Oregon state currently living in Atlanta, GA.  His career spans three decades and crosses the country with his many bands over the years. His current project is with heavy rockers VoltageHead out of Atlanta,GA in which he is vocalist lyricist and rhythm guitarist 2018 - present.

Outside of VoltageHead Forest also enjoys a busy solo career which includes him performing solo & with his trio - Forest Violette Trio.  He performs live acoustic shows regularly all around the southeast circuit since 2010.  He often can be found playing resorts and venues playing a wide range of music for the masses.  

Forest is a natural born stage performer and is known for his deep lyrics and highly energetic stage shows where as front man and guitar player he commands the audience.  Forests vocal and musical style proved to be versatile over the years, evolving constantly from project to project over the years. Forest says he has always been a prolific story teller and it just makes for great lyrics.  His creative imaginative spirit has aided him in writing over a hundred original songs over his lifetime. 

Forests music career started in Washington State in the early 1990s where he fronted several projects and performed all over the west coast as a singer and frontman as part of Seattle's grunge movement.  In addition to his natural singing abilities he started playing guitar in 1980's but guitar was always more of a tool he used to craft new material.  It wasn't until 2005 that he played guitar in public for the first time.

Professionally he attributes his unique writing style to life experiences, world travels, stories from his life and people around him and the inspiration he had a young age musically. “We were all raised through 80s listening to hair metal and I literally was part of the grunge phase playing the same west coast circuit,” “We all listened to Skid Row, Dokken, Black Sabbath, Tesla, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Scorpions and Soundgarden.”  You can hear hints of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Rage Against The Machine Tool and Alice in Chains, too in his originals but Forest says his sound isn’t defined to one era.  Lyrically and Musically Forest said he pulls inspiration from decades of the greatest bands like Led Zeppelin and Cream to newer acts such as Queens of the Stone Age and the Black Keys.

Forest is currently endorsed by & uses Taylor Acoustic Guitars, G7th Capos and DR Strings.


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